Angie Sexton

Angie Sexton is a stay-at-home wife to Jamie and mom to three creative, messy and beautiful children, and they reside in the peaceful countryside of Middle Tennessee.  She worked as a Child Development Specialist and Developmental Therapist in a professional capacity before taking a leap of faith to embrace homeschooling and writing full-time.  Angie loves nachos, writing, her family and Jesus, not in that order. She is excited to share this eventful journey in becoming who God created her to be.  Fair warning: while contemplating the comical occurrences of her life, you may just spit out your sweet tea.


Dana Barka

Dana Barka is a wife of 12 years and mother to two rambunctious boys. She is an entrepreneur and provides marketing communications and copywriting services to clients across the U.S. from her home office in the Atlanta metro suburbs. She has a strong opinion about practically everything but seeks to understand the other side in all situations. She loves her family fiercely, but isn't above stealing away for ice cream breaks or sneaking chocolate from her husband's stash. The only common denominator in all of her life's adventures is her faith in Jesus Christ and His ability to rescue her from herself. She hopes to one day pass along to her children her lust for life and her (almost always) unwavering love for the Lord.