Ladies, He's Taken!

Picture it. My house. 6:30 pm (ish). I was snuggled up with my oldest son watching TV when I heard some loud, yet catchy, music coming from the screened-in porch. So naturally, I thought my daughter was outside on her phone, which she is grounded from. I went outside to investigate. Just as I was about to open up a can on her for not following our rules, this is what I found: 


Doesn't your husband grill in the dark with a flashlight while listening to Eminem? No? You are missing out, sister. Missing out! In a BIG way. This is a very typical night with my husband. Grill✅ Meat✅ Beer✅ Flashlight✅ Vols hat✅ Music✅.

He is the absolute smartest guy on the planet and is a classic, country boy with some amazing quirks. This man keeps me grounded and doesn't allow me to take life too seriously. I am so thankful to experience the balance that he brings to me. If it were me running the show alone, I'm positive that  I would have some robotic, Stepford-like children with no amount of ability to chill. Like ever.  

Not everyone will find my life glamorous or perfect by any means. My life is tailor-made for who God is shaping me to be: someone who loves, laughs and feels deeply. We might not be riding unicorns and burping rainbows, but somewhere in all the awkward shennagians lies my perfect peace.